Exclusively from The Scottish Salmon Company

'Machair' unique dune grassland, Pabay Sound (Caolas Phabaigh), Valtos, Isle of Lewis

Native Hebridean Smoked packs


Raised and Smoked on The Hebridean Islands

We hand cure and freshly smoke Native Hebridean Salmon, sustainably raised on the Hebridean Islands. Our Artisan Smokers hand cure only fresh fillets using our ‘Traditional Island Recipe’ before gently smoking in traditional pebble-lined kilns using Scotch wood shavings of aged Scotch whisky barrels for a unique taste of the Scottish Hebridean Islands.

• Only salmon with pure Hebridean ancestry, raised on the islands, are cured and smoked to produce Native Hebridean Smoked Salmon.

• Only the exact amount of cure necessary is hand massaged into each fresh fillet, meaning there is no need to rinse off excess ingredients and waste water before smoking.

• Native Hebridean Smoked Salmon has a minimal carbon footprint as all Native Hebridean salmon are raised and smoked on the Hebridean Islands.